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Kelly Fitzsimmons"I’m the current Canadian #1 women’s pentathlete competing internationally at Pan Am Games and World championships. I’m based in Toronto but when in Vancouver, I make a point of booking a session with Camelia. Her understanding of performance sport, combined with her natural talent for massage really help me keep my muscles in check. I walk out of every session feeling like my body is ready to optimize training, or competition."

Kelly Fitzsimmons - Modern Pentathlon, Toronto

image1.jpg"Working with Camelia is awesome. Her magic hands always find the problems and she’s strong enough to work them out. I can’t wait for my next session; you guys will LOVE it!"

Tommy Europe - award-winning fitness coach, entrepreneur, published author, former professional football player

CanucksRK"I've had a few massages throughout my career and Camelia does exactly what I expected from a sports massage. She's very professional and knows what's needed for an athlete of any level to perform at its best.

I strongly recommend her massage, it helped my game!"

Ryan Kesler - Centre - Vancouver Canucks


Canucks"By seeing Camelia for massage I am able to keep my body loose and limber allowing me to perform at the top of my game.

Thanks Camelia!" 

Dan Hamhuis - Defence - Vancouver Canucks


manny.JPGCanucks"What I appreciate about Camelia is that I don't have to tell her what to do; she spots every problem area in my muscles and works it out. Her work helps my recovery a lot."

Manny Malhotra - Centre - Vancouver Canucks

Marco Iannuzzi - wide receiver, BC Lions"One week it's my hamstrings, the next week it's my traps, Pro football isn't easy on the body but I am forever grateful for my day-before-game tune-ups by the talented RMT Camelia!"

Marco Iannuzzi - Wide Receiver - BC Lions



Adam Bighill - linebacker BC Lions"I highly recommend anyone sees Camelia for her massage therapy. Her knowledge of the human anatomy plus excellent feel make her one of the best in the business!"

Adam Bighill -  Linebacker - BC Lions



Khalif-Mitchell.jpeg"There are three words that matter to me, as an athlete, about Camelia's work: Game READY Hands!"

Khalif Mitchell - Defensive Tackle - BC Lions



Stephen Adekolu.jpg"As a professional athlete I have had many massages to help me with the stress and strain I put my body through on a daily basis. This 2015 season I met Camelia and she is by far the best massage therapist I've worked with; she focuses on problem areas and possible causes of it. I strongly recommend her work."

Stephen Adekolu - Wide Receiver - BC Lions



James YURICHUK.JPG"Camelia does a great job all four quarters of her massage.  She tackles all my problems with great technique and thoroughness so I'm ready to tackle my opponents on game day!"

James Yurichuk - Linebacker - BC Lions



patrick kabongo bc lions 68.jpg"In the past it has been very difficult for me to find a really good massage therapist. Because of my size, most therapists have not been strong enough or have lacked experience to work on my body the way I needed. I heard about Camelia’s magic from one of her clients, my teammate, James Yurichuk. From the moment she placed her hands on me, I knew she was the one! Her professionalism, exceptional knowledge of the body and her character are out of this world. I could not recommend a better massage therapist and a better listener. Thank you for everything, C-Money!!"

Patrick Kabongo - Offensive Lineman - BC Lions

andrew-cogliano.JPGducks.JPG"Camelia has the ability to find the hidden sore spots in my muscles I didn't even know I had. She's thorough and consistent in her work and it helps my physical performance greatly. I highly recommend her."

Andrew Cogliano - Center - Anaheim Ducks

Owen HargreavesM.C.F.C.JPG"I've worked with Camelia for the last two summers and I found her treatment during my rehab to be very beneficial. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who needs the best therapeutic massage in Vancouver."

Owen Hargreaves- Midfielder-Manchester City



Chad Owens.JPGargo-logo.jpg"Thank you for one of the Best massages I've ever gotten! Wish I could see you every week! Looking forward to see you next time I'm in town... Aloha!"

Chad Owens - Receiver - Toronto Argonauts

"I have come across many massage therapists during my 21 year career in professional hockey. Camelia is one of the best that I have encountered. I have never felt better!"


Dallas Eakins - Edmonton Oilers

Kelly F"I currently train out of Calgary, but whenever I am in Vancouver, I make a point of booking a session with Camelia. Her understanding of performance sport, combined with her natural talent for massage really help me keep my muscles in check. I walk out of every session feeling like my body is ready to optimize training, or competition. In addition, the Thera Roll foam roller is a convenient blessing. It is easy to pack, and helps me keep my muscles happy and relaxed between sessions."

Kelly Fitzsimmons - Modern Pentathlon, Calgary

vpz team"Before and during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics Camelia helped us out with the massages. She did a wonderful job!
In the training weeks for the olympics and also after the heavy races, the athletes were provided great treatments by Camelia!
She understands the body and feels exactly what is needed.
In this period of stress I as a coach also got a massage and it really helped me to get more relaxed.
So sporters and anyone else who needs a good treatment, I recommend: Camelia.
Erik Bouwman - Coach VPZ-Olympic Dutch Speedskating

jorien voorhuis

"Our trainer hired Camelia to give us massages during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Her work was great I feel very good with her massages. She is very professional and good in her job. She prepared me very well before and after my races. Thank you!"

Jorien Voorhuis - Speedskater, Olympic Team 2010 The Netherlands



Diane Valkenburg

"During the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Camelia was our
sage therapist. The massages were great, it was a perfect preparation for the most important races of my carreer. Thanks to the massages, I was physically in top condition and I was able to skate three wonderful races.
Camelia, thanks for all your work, it was perfect!"

Diane Valkenburg - Speedskater, Olympic Team 2010 The Netherlands

"Mysalt lake gold dw life as an elite athlete required me to experience various therapies to keep my body in top shape. Massage therapy was one of them.
The ex
perience I had with Camelia's massage was something out of James Bond movies, imagine him getting a treatment by this eastern european lady putting him through his paces. Don't expect a spa massage here. She is firm and forthright in moving you towards alleviating the tension and pain. Her treatment is efficient, detail oriented and I could feel the change.
I completely recommend Camelia's work to anyone who is looking for serious deep tissue

Daniel Westley - Canadian paralympian wheelchair athlete 

"New to the west coast I found it a challenge to find an RMT who gives effective deep sports massages. I am glad to have found Camelia and her effective treatments. Her skillful techniques and deep tissue massage have not only relieved me of my tension but have enabled me to continue various sports and outdoor activities. Camelia is an extremely skilled massage therapist whom I highly recommend especially for those looking for a deep tissue massage!"

Tanya Rank - Athletic therapist

Camelia is a great, great massage therapist. Not only does she do a great massage but also has good  advice, like how to strengthen your body and loosen up tight muscles on your own. And one of my personal favorites was that she introduced me to the Thera Roll  foam roller and for that my training in swimming has become more of a great success.
Thank for all your help,

Michael Jakac-Sinclair - Swimmer, Richmond Rapids

"I’m a salsa dancer, instructor, and performer, and the constant physical exertion takes a toll on my body. After trying out many massage therapists I finally found someone who meets my needs and exceeds my expectations - Camelia Eisentraut. Camelia has been working with me for 3 years now, and with her help I’ve been able to stay in shape and perform at peak levels. Her assistance has been invaluable in my career and everyday life.
I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Alfonso - W.S.F. World Salsa Dance Champion 

Megan Joyner.JPG"As a former alpine ski racer and coach, I continue to exercise and push my body daily through various sports and outdoor activities that the West Coast lifestyle allows including skiing, cycling, hiking, running, golf etc. I have always found it a challenge to find an RMT who gives a deep and effective sports massage. Camelia gives THE BEST massages I have ever experienced! She is very accurate in evaluating her clients needs and giving them the most effective massage possible, while her delightful personality compliments her work yielding an incredible massage experience. I would recommend Camelia to anyone in need of a deep, effective sports massage!".

Megan Joyner 



"I have had the pleasure to work with Camelia over the past couple of years where we have mutually worked on clients together. She has demonstrated a caring, professional nature to all her clients. Last year she was kind enough to offer her services for the New Westminster Salmonbellies Senior Men's Lacrosse team during the playoff run for the WLA championship and in the Mann Cup.  Camelia was an integral part of the training staff during our Mann Cup run and the athletes felt that her services was important to keep them loose during a gruelling 7 game tournament over a 10 day period. I would definitely recommend Camelia for her massage services."

Steve Mah - Physiotherapist, BSc (PT), MSc (Rehab), MCPA
Osteopathic Manual Therapy Approach, Acupuncturist (CAFCI)
Team Physio - New Westminster Salmonbellies Senior Lacrosse

"I had the chance to get the recommendation of Camelia Eisentraut by a friend when shooting a movie in Vancouver.
It is a ritual for me to get a massage as often as I can, no matter where I am in the world.
In this case I was very tired half way through a long run.
The massage I had at this point was completely satisfying, healing, rejuvenating and I have to say one of the best I ever had.
I definitely recommend her."

Claude Pare

"Camelia is incredible!  A true professional and the best RMT (Registered Massage Therapist)  I have ever met.
She is very strong (definitely not a spa massage person) and really knows how to deal with those tough muscles areas. Her hands have an incredible sixth sense of finding trouble areas and working them out. Definitely the best RMT for those tough and nagging problems."

Daniel G.

"I’ve been getting massages for over 20 years and been to over 30 different massage therapists. There’s something very different about Camelia. She has this extraordinary sense of just what I need. Before I can say a word she’s already at the perfect spot with just the right amount of pressure. Phenomenal is the only word I can use that describes her.

T. Harv Eker – bestselling author, seminar leader

"I am raving about Camelia these days as she recently helped me with my sore neck and back pain.
Besides adjusting her schedule to meet me on short notice due to my discomfort she also had me feeling much better after a few massages. The atmosphere is very relaxing during the treatment.
I have recommended her to several friends and clients whom have also had an excellent experience. "

Chuck Grossholz - B.Com. CFP President Optimum Strategies Inc.

"Camelia has "magic hands." They are almost like pain seeking missiles. They seek wherever the pain is and attack! There have been numerous times when I had extremely tense and tight shoulders and she has made them to feel like they should instead of the knots. She has such a warm and friendly disposition that anyone would feel comfortable with her. I highly recommend Camelia for your massage needs."

Judy Washington - Realtor HomeLife Benchmark Langley

"Camelia does great work that really helps me stay healthy and active. She is always on time, does a great massage and is very professional. It's a essential part on looking after myself."

Catherine Worrall, Graphic Designer/ Owner Ideastream Design

"Camelia was recommended to me by a co-worker. Prior to my first visit I had visited an RMT on two other occasions. At this point I was still a little skeptical of the benefits of massage. After a month of weekly treatments with Camelia I am convinced! I have noticed significant improvements in my energy level, flexibility and overall well being. I love Massage!"

Karen Chung, Accountant

"Camelia is a remarkably gifted healer who chooses to work as a registered massage therapist. When she is working on you, one senses that she is practicing the profession that is perfectly suited to her. If you have a health plan and you don't see Camelia, you are really missing out!"

Peter Jensen, Realtor Re/Max Peter Jensen Homes