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Why I love TheraRoll foam rollers

I love TheraRoll. So many reasons why but most important, for me, is that I was able to walk better without a hip pain. My schedule is so full that it makes it difficult to fit in a massage to relieve that pain so I have to rely on the foam roller to do the job. My first roller was a white, classic smooth surface, firm as hell, styrofoam one. It hurt so much I would have rather lived with my own pain than the one inflicted by the roller. Then I took a course in fascial release (fascia=connective tissue).  And while following a Physio group on Twitter I stumbled upon TheraRoll talking about the benefits of their foam roller on the fascia and trigger points. I ordered one for myself, and boy, was I ever glad I did that! The difference between TheraRoll and the classic one is that one has ridges: thick, high and with a space between each ridge enough to dig deeper into the muscle and make a difference. Imagine a dough being rolled by a rolling pin with smooth surface; it only compresses and smoothens out the dough. Now imagine the rolling pin with ridges going over the same piece of dough... you got the idea. It mobilizes the muscle and the fascia around, almost like getting a real massage but not competing with your massage therapist. It won't talk to you, educate and advise you on things regarding your overall being, but will keep you mobile and relatively pain free until you see your therapist again :) Because it comes in different sizes and firmness  it can be used by a range of people: from young to old, from beginner to expert athlete, from  people with low pain tolerance to those who do Ironman or even UFC. It can be used at home, in the gym or   even in the office (roll your forearms on your desk with the travel size one). You can take it on your trip: your neck and feet will thank you. I'll leave you thinking of how handy would it be to have one now to roll your IT band on it. I'll go use mine on my back.