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Blog by Camelia Wilkinson

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TheraRoll - a wonderful tool - review

I am very happy to encourage everyone using the Thera Roll, a different kind of roll. Because the ridges are high and thick enough they are able to penetrate the muscle almost as efficiently as if it`s done by a massage therapist. This doesn`t mean you won`t be needing massage treatments however you will be helping yourself release the stiffness and improve performance in your daily activities-workouts. The different kind of densities allows everyone to use it, even the people who are sensitive to pressure.

Here`s a sample review:

I have been trying the Thera - Roll for 2 weeks and I would recommend every athlete get one. I took my roller with me on a cycling training weekend and everyone used it. I had a hard time getting it back! The Foam Roller is a great tool for anyone who needs some relief from tight muscles. I have tried many devices designed to help with muscle tightness, but nothing has worked like the Thera-Roll. Thanks Camelia for this mini massager!

Shayla Roberts
Peak Performance Coach
Evolution Coaching Network