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I was recently "reviewed" by Vancouver Health and Fitness Resource, Here's what they had to say:

Vancouver Sports Massage

Vancouver Sports Massage founder Camelia Eisentraut is a Registered Massage Therapist with eight years experience, located in downtown Vancouver. She has great references from Olympic athletes to business owners. Camelia was the massage therapist for the Dutch speed skating team during the Vancouver Olympics. Camelia specializes in sports massage which is a great release from stress and muscle tension.

Sarah Says -

This was my very first sports massage experience and I am glad it was with Camelia. I was not sure what to expect and Camelia made sure to remind me that it is not a relaxation massage and as long as I can breath then she is applying the correct kind of pressure. I might have let out a few high pitch noises now and then when she found a few tender areas, specifically my arms from typing and legs from wearing 4 inch heels daily!  During my massage Camelia asked me an important question – if I had coverage with my work to get massages from a RMT?  I do, but I told her how I never even think to use it. But after having Camelia work all the kinks out of my body it is very tempting to go back especially when it is paid for by my employee benefits. I am sure I am not the only one not taking advantage of this benefit, so I would highly recommend to those who have coverage, use it and for those who don’t, go ahead and splurge!

My rating for Vancouver Sports Massage  is 4/5 for muscle tension release 5/5 for finding those tight spots and 4/5 for the chance of me doing it again.

Shayla Says –

I used to have regular sports massage treatments and I find them extremely beneficial to recover from all my training. Camelia managed to work out more than one tight spot and even found some new ones. She worked through my entire body in one hour and I felt great when it was over. Camelia is really good at getting into your muscle tightness and working it out. Sports massage is meant for improving flexibility and for preventing injuries, especially if you are working out regularly. I would recommend all my clients take advantage of the ability to get regular sports massage. It is a great way to keep relaxed and prevent chronic muscle tightness from becoming an injury. If you are doing repetitive type of training, like training for a marathon or other types of long distance event (or just sitting in front of a computer screen for hours at a time) getting a sports massage is worthwhile. When I was training for my marathons I got a sports massage every week and it made such a difference. Although Camelia’s clientele come from the surrounding businesses as well as athletes, she really understands the nature of sport and how to promote muscle recovery with massage. I would definitely return to Camelia to keep me ready for all my activities.

My rating for Vancouver Sports Massage  is 4/5 for muscle tension release 4.5/5 for  finding those tight spots and 4.5/5 for the chance of me doing it again.