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Vancouver Sports Massage Therapy

Experience the best in massage at Vancouver Sports Massage. Leave the stress of the day behind as you relax into a wonderful healing process in comfortable surroundings.

Owner Camelia Wilkinson, is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), Active Release Techniques® provider and authorized distributor for Thera Roll foam rollers. She has devoted the past nine years to perfecting a broad range of massage skills.

Camelia’s investment in the 3,000 hours program at West Coast College of Massage Therapy, her raising of an active family (a former Team Canada track and field athlete husband and three sports minded children) and her lively Romanian flair gave her an understanding of a wide range of sports performance levels and have created a loyal following from office warriors to elite athletes including:

  • Hockey players (Vancouver Canucks)
  • Footbal players (BC Lions, Toronto Argonauts)
  • Premier League Soccer (Man City)
  • Olympic and Canadian Paralympic athletes
  • UFC (MMA) fighters
  • Crossfit athletes
  • Teen athletes


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What people say about TheraRoll

December 16th, 2011
"Is it my imagination or this thing really works?"Recent feed-back from a Thera Roll user: Thera Roll foam roller was recommended to me, and I ne...Click here to read more detail about 'What people say about TheraRoll'

More Rave Reviews

"I've worked with Camelia for the last two summers and I found her treatment during my rehab to be very beneficial. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who needs the best therapeutic massage in Vancouver."M.C.F.C.JPG

~ Owen Hargreaves
- Midfielder-Manchester City

"Thank you for one of the Best massages I've ever gotten! Wish I could see you every week! Looking forward to see you next time I'm in town... Aloha!"argo-logo.jpg

~ Chad Owens
Receiver - Toronto Argonauts

Rave Reviews

"I've had a few massages throughout my career and Camelia does exactly what I expected from a sports massage. She's very professional and knows what's needed for an athlete of any level to perform at it's best. I strongly recommend her massage, it helped my game!"Canucks

~ Ryan Kesler - Centre
- Vancouver Canucks

"By seeing Camelia for massage I am able to keep my body loose and limber allowing me to perform at the top of my game. Thanks Camelia!"

Canucks~ Dan Hamhuis - Defence
- Vancouver Canucks

"What I appreciate about Camelia is that I don't have to tell her what to do; she spots every problem area in my muscles and works it out. Her work helps my recovery a lot."Canucks

~ Manny Malhotra - Centre
- Vancouver Canucks

"Camelia does a great job all four quarters of her massage.  She tackles all my problems with great technique and thoroughness so I'm ready to tackle my opponents on game day!"

~ James Yurichuk
- Linebacker
- BC Lions

"In the past it has been very difficult for me to find a really good massage therapist. Because of my size, most therapists have not been strong enough or have lacked experience to work on my body the way I needed. After playing 8 years with the Eskimos, I arrived in Vancouver for my first year with the Lions, which turned out to be the hardest on my body. The Lions don’t mess around when it comes to training! I heard about Camelia’s magic from one of her clients, my teammate, James Yurichuk. From the moment she placed her hands on me, I knew she was the one! Her professionalism, exceptional knowledge of the body and her character are out of this world. I could not recommend a better massage therapist and a better listener. Thank you for everything, C-Money!"

~ Patrick Kabongo
- Offensive Lineman
- BC Lions

"Camelia has the ability to find the hidden sore spots in my muscles I didn't even know I had. She's thorough and consistent in her work and it helps my physical performance greatly. I highly recommend her."


Andrew Cogliano
- Center
- Anaheim Ducks